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Imagine having a glowing, well-written press release in one of the world’s biggest publications. How much would that do for the future of your business? Luckily, this little dream can become a reality… As long as you have the right tools and connections.
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Our policy is that you only pay us once you’re ready to send out to publications. The result is a deal that has basically no downside, limitless upside, and even comes with a free e-book on strategic marketing.

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We don’t charge you to register. Oh, and we don’t charge when helping craft your press release either. You don’t pay until you’re ready to send out to publications. Everything before that is 100% free.
High-Quality Exposure
What we offer isn’t some advertising campaign that costs a whole bunch of money and still gets ignored. Instead, you’ll receive publicity and social proof at a surprisingly low price.
Fantastic Benefits
Though getting seen is nice, what really matters is your return on investment. You want the most possible value for the lowest possible price. Luckily, that's exactly what our service provides.

How It Works 


We help make it happen by guiding you through the press release writing process, connecting you with journalists, and putting your business in front of people who matter.

...And get our new Strategic Marketing With The Power of PR e-book!

What You Need

Creating a press release (also free)


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Sending it to journalists that may be interested


Checking reports to see which of them opened our message