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Most freelancers run their entire business from top to bottom: Finding clients, closing deals, writing press releases, distributing them, and more. The question is….

How can you offload some of those tasks for an affordable price?

Why Freelancing Can Be Difficult

The last thing you want to be running low on is time. Unfortunately, most PR freelancers find themselves with a full schedule every day. Our platform reduces the hours spent on distribution and lets you spend them on family time, getting more clients, or anything else.
More Time

What We Deliver

As time-consuming as it is, sending press releases out to publications is actually the easy part. What’s harder is keeping track of opens, responses, and other types of data. Faselis Growth does all of this (and more) for you, making the entire process significantly less stressful.
Less Stress
The key to running a successful freelancing business is giving your clients great results. When you use our powerful, targeted database, that’s exactly what you’ll do. Plus, having happy customers means repeat business, word of mouth referrals, and a growing reputation.
Better Results

Our Database

More than 30,000 publications
240+ different categories under 28+ groups
Magazines, newspapers, websites, and industrial publications
Regular updates that give you more reach, influence, and opportunity

Our Platform

Ease & Reach
Our intuitive platform can be used by anyone, no matter how tech-savvy they are or how many regions, countries, and clients they serve.
Smart Tools
Scheduled distribution, detailed reports, tracking, translations, and more. Plus, no limits on emails sent, word count, or attachments.
Smart Distribution
Increased efficiency through a variety of location filters, numerous niche categories, and an extremely easy distribution experience.

All That… For Free

Our service normally costs $350. What we’re offering today is up to two free distributions just for giving us a try. The result is more time, less stress, and an even better deal.
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Save Time and Money With Smarter Press Release Distribution

Our platform helps you serve clients better, reduce stress, and free up your schedule.

Local media in 24 metropolitan areas, 50 states, and with 17 different categories
Even if you have a distribution partner already, Faselis Growis worth giving a try due to its superior user experience.
Access to 28 countries